Have you contributed to an organizational success?
If yes, your value is bigger and your rewards should be bigger

CredPad does 5 things to set you up to get a bigger job & salary

Unlike the failing résumé, CredPad is your marketing partner in your job applications & performance reviews

  • CredPad demonstrates your contributions and thus your bigger value
  • CredPad helps you with everything: from describing your contributions to enhancing your credibility to digitally engaging employers
  • CredPad is with you at all life events that require showcasing: New job, promotion, raise, funding, award, immigration


CredPad Showcase demonstrates the value you contribute

Unlike a résumé's useless list of job tasks, CredPad demonstrates your performance in the business context

CredPad is thus custom-built to differentiate achievers like you.

Create your Contribution Charts

  • Answer a set of questions about your performance and CredPad creates a stunning Contribution Chart
  • Chart shows how your performance helped to turn a situation into a success for an organization or another entity
  • Chart shows your performance in the business context, using business format & language
  • Your contributions appear in a Showcase
  • Showcase gives the most accurate sense possible of the bigger value that achievers contribute
"I've moved my profile to CredPad"
— CredPad creator Pradeep Henry


CredPad boosts your credibility, thus ensuring a fair assessment

Unlike a résumé's alleged achievements, CredPad info is evidence-backed

With CredPad, you've already differentiated your value — which is fundamental for a fair evaluation. Now add credibility.

Add evidences

  • Achievers typically have several evidences: Add customer emails, media reports, and other evidences that support the answers you provide
  • All evidences in one place, for life — meaningfully mapped to specific contributions

Bring a mentor

  • A recognized external person with a public profile
  • Mentor reviews your contributions and optionally recommends you

Upgrade your résumé

  • Bring your résumé into CredPad
  • CredPad adds to it the list of your contributions


CredPad lets you engage employers digitally and thus speeds up the process

Unlike a paper or PDF résumé, CredPad lets you engage employers digitally

  • Use online meeting software to meet employers, do a screen share of your CredPad Showcase, and pitch
  • Or share your CredPad link and employers can tour your showcase themselves

With your CredPad, HR can hire/retain faster

  • All required info is evidence-backed, in one place, & accessed from anywhere
  • While the chart provides instant clarity on candidate's value, evidences & mentor review provide instant clarity on candidate's credibility
  • Minimizes pre-hire checks and appraisal tasks when it comes to achievers


The CredPad team can help you create your Showcase
  • Do you know whether your performance rose to the level of a contribution? Do you know the best way to describe your contribution?
  • A CredPad expert can help you discover your contributions and then help you structure and write the content for your Contribution Charts
  • This service is offered via email and takes 1 to 3 weeks
  • This $149-value service is available for free for a while


My résumé got me my current job. Why call it "failing"?

The résumé merely captures standard lists of data such as degrees and job titles. It can't differentiate achievers like you. It isn't even trusted. So it doesn't enable a fair evaluation — in performance reviews and in job applications. Which means you can't get differentiated rewards.

Résumé fails, keeps you stuck
What is a digital showcase? CredPad digital showcase

A digital showcase, generally, is an online platform to show off research, products, anything. CredPad is an online platform to show off your career contributions. Unlike the obsolete paper or PDF résumé, CredPad brings you into the digital revolution. CredPad has everything you need to differentiate and sell yourself to employers.

What does CredPad do for me? CredPad features and benefits

You are an achiever who contributed to the success of an organization, profession, or industry. You want to win bigger rewards at performance reviews and when you apply for jobs. Unfortunately, you rely on a résumé that can't differentiate you.

CredPad differentiates you by demonstrating your contributions in a business-savvy way. CredPad sets you up to get a bigger job, promotion, and salary by providing these: (1) Demonstration of your contributions (2) Evidences that back up your claims (3) Your mentor's review and optional recommendation (4) Upgraded résumé and (5) Content that enables remote pitching.

I have several achievements. What do you mean by a contribution? What is a contribution

An achievement has a personal ring to it and may or may not have had a significant impact on others. However, if one or more achievements played a significant and demonstrable role in the success of an organization (or any other entity such as an industry), then it is a contribution. For example, publishing a book is an achievement, but if there's evidence that the book improved customer acquisition significantly, then it is a contribution. In this case, your performance deserves bigger rewards. Read also "Is CredPad right for me?"

Showing evidences is a good idea, but what if my evidences are confidential? CredPad is private, but share evidences with caution

CredPad is private, but keep in mind that when you share your CredPad link with a person, you do not know who they will share it with. You should never upload any confidential content as evidence. Content such as CEO emails and customer emails may or may not be confidential — you should first check. In some cases, you can check with the person who made a quote that you'd like to show and they may tell you to simply remove or mask names. Besides a few exceptions, there are probably many other evidences you can still provide, such as a media report, a PDF of your article, or a picture of a cup you won. To see evidences that one person provided in his CredPad Showcase, please email contact@credpad.com.

I have a pretty good résumé. Why do I need CredPad? Résumé fails because it keeps you undifferentiated and stuck in the crowd

Relying on a résumé really is what keeps you stuck. Even with a long list of achievements and a nice design, a résumé still fails: 1. Can't differentiate you because it can't demonstrate contributions. 2. Isn't trusted — reason why organizations require prehire checks. 3. Doesn't enable fair evaluation.

I use my employer's Employee Performance software. Why do I need CredPad?

Employer owns and controls it, not you. Probably designed for the "market," not for you. Possibly designed for the organization, not for you. Employer schedules performance reviews — probably only once in a year. Information and access limited to current employer.

With CredPad, the individual is in control
In what situations can CredPad help me? CredPad promotes you at many life events like promotion and funding

Key life events that repeat: (1) Looking out for a new job (2) Performance review at current employer (3) Funding for your company (4) Award nomination (5) Immigration.

I'm not looking for a job and my performance review is months away. Why CredPad now? Why CredPad now

With CredPad, the one in control is you. You can proactively seek something when you think you should — rather than wait for someone else's timing. With CredPad, you don't attend an interview — you pitch!

What are the things I can do with CredPad? What are the things I can do

(1) Demonstrate your contributions in the business context, using business format and language (2) Manage supporting evidences such as CEO emails, awards, and media interviews — all in one place and meaninfully mapped to contributions (3) Bring a mentor to review your contributions and optionally recommend you (4) Have CredPad upgrade your résumé (5) Pitch online or share your CredPad link.

Do you offer any services to help me with those things?

Yes. We can create your CredPad profile, from start to finish.

What can CredPad do for employers? Benefits for employers


"I've moved my profile to CredPad"

— Pradeep Henry, CredPad creator, Contributor to Cognizant's success