What is a contribution?

If your achievements significantly and demonstrably helped to turn a recipient's situation into success, then you made a contribution. Recipient can be any well-defined and sizable entity such as employer, industry, or country that benefitted from your contribution.

What is a Contribution Chart?

Contribution Chart is a CredPad chart that is designed to stun your audience:

Due to business-savvy design and supporting evidences, the chart:

The chart is based on our strategic alignment framework (Copyright © 2021 GoodScore Labs). Here's an example:

What is a Contribution Showcase?

You could be a high performer and still be stuck in a bad job situation. This is because you rely on the résumé. Competing résumés look similar. A résumé can't differentiate you as a high perfomer who made contributions. A résumé therefore keeps you stuck in the crowd with inappropriate jobs and paychecks.

On the contrary, CredPad's Showcase is a business-savvy demonstration of your contributions — backed up by evidences. All of your contributions appear in your CredPad Showcase page. From every contribution in the Showcase, one can click to view the contribution chart or the associated details, Your CredPad Showcase vastly improves your chances of winning premium jobs and paychecks, funding, awards, immigration, etc.

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Is CredPad right for me?

CredPad is for high performers we call contributors. Unfortunately, there's a lot of high performers who haven't yet realized that their achievements are really contributions deserving greater rewards. How would you know whether or not you've made a contribution? Ask yourself:

Is there an entity such as an employer, whose corporate-level situation turned into success due, in part, to my effort and outcomes?

If yes, you made a contribution!

Terms like star performer, game-changer, and change-maker sound nice, but are vague. So, CredPad uses our strategic alignment framework called AlignWay™ to define a contribution. AlignWay comprises: (1) The four factors described below (2) A questionnaire about these factors that you will answer once you subscribe to CredPad and (3) A confidential method to compute the contribution Score.

Let's describe the structure and terminology of the strategic alignment framework.

The AlignWay™ framework shown here is Copyright © GoodScore Labs 2021

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